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Stealthy and sinister on the inside.

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I reject your reality, and substitute my own!

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Senashenta: is currently twenty-something years old, living on her own, and shares her apartment with a multitude of animals. If you are reading her journal, you'll probably find a lot of pointless rambling about her various hobbies, and the mundane things that happen to her in everyday life. She's always looking for new LJ friends, doesn't expect commenting on her entries (though it is nice), and pretty much welcomes anyone. You probably shouldn't friend her if you have anything against homosexual/bi/trans lifestyles, though, since Sena herself is bi, and has several friends who are gay/bi/trans as well. :)

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Mental Defects: Sena suffers from being Bi-Polar, a mental condition that is characterized by severe mood swings, the up of which ("manic") is characterized by lots of energy and productiveness, as well as insomnia, and the down of which ("depressive") is characterized by deep, dark depressions that can last for a very long time. Generally, her LJ entries, though they reflect her emotional roller-coaster, aren't all that up-and-down, but there are times when they will seem very PERKY! or very DEPRESSIVE!. She also suffers from a faint case of agoraphobia, or fear of the outside world, as well as an anxiety disorder, though those generally doesn't affect her journal much at all. :)

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Family: Sena has only one actual sibling, a younger brother, Shadow Trunks, but has several step-siblings. Her Mother and Father are divorced, and each are living with someone new and have been for years and years. Generally, she gets along with everyone, though Trunks does tend to get on her nerves on a regular basis. (What do you expect from a sibling? ♥)

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Friends: Are the most important thing in the world, aside from your family. They are what keeps you afloat, even when your life is trying to drown you. Having said that, Sena is always looking for new friends, online and in real life, with which to chat! So, should you happen to want to add Sena's LJ to your "friends" list, leave a comment on one of her entries and she will more than likely add you to hers as well.

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Pets: Sena collects animals! ^_^ Fluffy, furry, cuddly critters are her downfall... and also her salvation. Given all her various mental and physical problems, she is in desperate need of comfort, and finds animals very therapeutic. Thusly, she happily owns the following:

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Sexuality: Sena feels there is nothing wrong with homosexuality/lesbianism/trans-sexuality/etc., and in fact, having had a lot of years to consider her own sexuality, has come to the conclusion that she herself is bi-sexual. This, for those of you who are confused, means that she likes both boys and girls. Sena's tolerance and courtesy extend to everyone, so please show the same respect to her and her friends, and if you have a problem with her beliefs them simply go on your way and forget about it.

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Writing: Sena is both a *cough* accomplished fanfiction author, and an aspiring novelist; for the most part, she writes fanfiction based on Mercedes Lackey's Heralds Of Valdemar book series, and a handful of different anime. Her fanfictions can be located at her FF.Net account. Her original writing varies from mythology-based to fantasy and sci-fi, but it is all encompassed under "fiction" and any that she chooses to put online (usually short stories as opposed to works in progress) can be found at her FicPress.com account.

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Books: Sena absolutely loves to read, and does so whenever she has the chance: her most loved authors are Mercedes Lackey, a fantasy author who writes the Heralds Of Valdemar books, and Dean Koontz, who writes occult/horror books. Though they are her favorite authors, Sena actually dabbles in a wide variety of things, from fantasy to true crime to psychology, sciences and languages. Sena can and does read anything. Her favorite books of all time are Magic's Pawn and Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey and One Door Away From Heaven by Dean Koontz.

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Art: In her spare time, Sena often sketches and doodles. Her style is largely anime-based, with influences from quite a few different artists, though she has managed to develop into her own manga style over the years. Anything that Sena feels up to showing off can be found at her DevART account. Sena also draws several different comics/manga that may or may not ever see the light of day; one of them can be found at neo_starlights, and is a doujinshi featuring OC Sailormoon Stars characters belonging to both herself and cassandracsenta. ^^

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MLP: One of Sena's many unusual hobbies is making Custom My Little Pony figures. This is a relatively new hobby (in the grand scheme of things), and thusly a large focus in her life right now. There will be quite a bit of talk about it, at least for the time being. ^_~

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Anime: Back in 1996 or so, Sena saw an episode of dubbed Sailormoon and never looked back. She is currently as immersed in the anime subculture as her wallet will allow, from VHS and DVDs to graphic novels, anime conventions and cosplay. Her current favorites/obsessions include but are not limited to; Ouran High School Host Club, Sailormoon Stars, Gravitation, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, The Gentlemen's Alliance CROSS, Kuragehime, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Kimi no Todoke, Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Tales of the Abyss.

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Other Media: Sena enjoys collecting movies, and the only kind that she avoids are romance (which she avidly dislikes). She has a special soft spot for b-grade horror/sci-fi, and thoroughly enjoys a werewolf movie or two, among other things. Her movie collection is 300+ and counting. ^_~ Sena will also listen to almost anything, though she enjoys Terri Clark, Leann Rimes, Evanescence, Linkin Park and Muse in the English bin, and Do As Infinity, The Brilliant Green, L'arc~en~Ciel and Hamasaki Ayumi (among others) in the Japanese one.
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